MYLIFE is Committed to YOU!

Mylife is a company dedicated to its only true asset, the independent representative, by providing an opportunity where they can DREAM, BELIEVE, and ACHIEVE.
MyLife provides products & services that cover a broad spectrum of your life with the intention of being able to service four quadrants of life (Family, Home, Health, Social). With their dedication to charity, a lucrative compensation plan for their representatives, and a broad spectrum of products and services, there are no limits to what your life can become with MyLife.

 President and CEO

Andre Maronian is an icon in the direct sales industry, visionary and mentor. Andre is a man with solid character, integrity and morality and has been referenced as a leaders leader by experts in the industry. His 17 years in the industry has been filled with a tremendous amount of success building giant direct sales teams worldwide. His greatest forte and passion is to mentor and teach people to succeed and to prosper in this industry.

Andre Maronian's dream is to be able to take his experiences from his vast direct sales career and share with as many people and families that he can. He thrives when others succeed and is motivated to reach the top with them. MyLife allows him to have the best platform to lead the charge and exemplify true leadership and humility simultaneously.

Andre Maronian States, "MyLife's flagship product is the reps opportunity to change their life. We don't value any one product/service as more important than the dreams of our valued representatives."

 VP of International Expansion

Rolf Hjelm is the epitome of integrity. He exudes ethical character consistently. Mr. Hjelm has had immense success in direct sales worldwide and is ready and willing to share with MyLife representatives. Rolf has made a commitment to move to the United States from Sweden to help expand this company worldwide. He believes wholeheartedly that any company should be about the people and the achievement of goals and eventual financial freedom.

 Director of MyWings Charity

Patricia Maronian is formerly a teacher who saw an enormous potential in the direct sales industry about a decade ago. She naturally became passionate about helping representatives build teams and teach people how to pursue a lifetime of learning.

Patty also pursues philanthropy and seeks to give back to as many communities as possible both nationally and internationally. Her focused vision and dream is to help change the lives of those who seek it worldwide. Her heart is dedicated to humanitarianism and the benevolence of people.

Patty states, "Finally MyLIfe is the company everyone can believe in and find a niche to succeed with and achieve their dreams like nowhere else in the industry. Also, the greatest dream is to be able to give back to communities freely and abundantly."


Mylife Network is HEADQUARTERED in historic downtown Tampa, Florida

USA (813) 424-2737 | INTL (855) 512-6222
1100 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602


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